About Us


DIGI SHIKSHA is all about excellence, passion and flexibility. For the last years we have offered world class services in IT consulting, software development, ERP and user interface design.

We work on diverse projects ranging from simple information systems and websites to complex enterprise type architectures, desktop or web-enabled applications, traditional n-tier and service oriented architectures. We follow three main rules to get to our goals: do it on-time, do it within scope and offer the best service with lower cost.

Our company is based on innovation, creativity and knowledge. We are satisfied with what we do and proud to integrate an organization that respects values such
as :

(1). Dedication and passion for excellence.
(2). Integrity and Honesty.
(3). Creativity and Innovation.
(4). Collaboration and Respect.
(5). Diversity.
(6). Desire to share knowledge, achievements, and experiences.
(7). Care about our colleagues and their quality of life.
(8). Talent retention and continuous motivation.
(9). Dedication and passion for excellence.


Our mission combines work and talent. We seek to achieve extraordinary results by helping our clients make distinctive improvements. How do we do it? By leveraging best-of-breed technology and building a great company that is profitable and appeals to, helps develop and retains exceptional people.


Our passion for what we do led us here. Our vision guides our business every day: to provide the world with the best IT consulting and software development services in India ,while taking care of our people and honoring our values.

Our Company Values


We at DIGI SHIKSHA always take care of your projects provided to us. We are having a team of senior project testing managers to check the quality of your project. We believe in Discuss Your

Project > Plan > Development > Testing >Deliver>Maintenance.

(1). Highly Professionals Team
(2). Dedicated Support Team
(3). 24x7 Email Support


DIGI SHIKSHA is committed to provide secure, bugs free and quality websites. Our dedicated support team is always taking care of your branding and company respect. Our team of experts helps you to make a great user friendly experience to your website visitors.

(1). Secure & Safe Website
(2). Error Free Code
(3). User Friendly Designs


We believe our customer’s satisfaction is our success. Our team is always try to find the ways to get ideas make a great design with awesome concepts. The team of our creative designers always having new concepts with sensible designs to make your website unique.

(1). Customer Satisfaction
(2). Good Customer Reviews
(3). Maximum Yearly Renewals

Our Work Process

Who We Are

DIGI SHIKSHA is one of the best in providing total services in the field of website development. In this day and age where the demand for information accessed has moved on largely towards virtual platforms, it cones as a necessity to address the need for website marketing technologies such as SEO, PPC & Google Adwords, etc.

  • Free Daily Backups

  • 24/7 Customer Support

  • Unlimited Disk Space

  • Worl-wide Services

  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee