Started with a goal to incorporate technological advancements in day-to-day functioning of Education sector, it has been observed that education is one area where automation is the need. So, to bring innovative transformation in the education sector, we have come up with school management software, DIGI SHIKSHA, in this ERP Software both academic as well as non-academic tasks are completed with full accuracy and in stipulated time frame.

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Why should School Management System be part of your institute?

School management software which includes everything your institution will ever need

Paperless Admission

Simplifies admission tracking, document submission, batch allotment, admission form customization and more. Learn More >

Exam & Gradebook

Effortlessly conduct and reset the online examination. Enter and update the marks, customized report card and... Learn More >

Fees Management

Automatic fee collection, calculate tax on the types of fee transactions. Imply fine on late fees, add instant discounts, and monitor... Learn More >

Timetable & Attendance

Easily mark the attendance & create an error-free timetable. Do classroom-allocation, subject-allocation to teachers. Learn More >

Parents Collaboration

Parents can discuss their child's progress with the teacher and keep a track on their pupil's academic progress. Instant alert on... Learn More >

Library Management

Real time tracking on issuing and returning of books. Easily collect fine and payment dues. In single-click generate fine receipts...
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+20 other awesome modules in Digi Shiksha School ERP Software

Why DIGI SHIKSHA School Management Software?

Digi Shiksha is a multipurpose school management system which aids in automating the school’s daily operations hassle-free and provide insightful reports and 360-degree tracking so that the school/ College can make better and faster decisions to escalate the productivity of their institution.

From organizing the parent-teacher meeting to online fees collection and examination management, to bulk data management Digi Shiksha School software handles every process smoothly and efficiently. It is a fully web-based school ERP software provides excellent modules, 24/7 customer support, and data security.

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Amazing Benefits of Digi Shiksha

Simple and Easy to Use

Designed to engage teachers and parents. No expertise required to accomplish a task quickly.

Powerful features for your Institution

We provide everything you will ever need to run an education institution successfully with customization.

Minimize your expenditure and maximize your savings

Institutes save 27% of their cost, by going paperless. So when you are eliminating the paperwork from your organization?

Minimize your expenditure and maximize your savings

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